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It’s time that we have a representative in Washington who will put the people of Kentucky first!

meet reggie

Meet Reggie Thomas

State Sen. Reggie Thomas has lived in Lexington since he was 14 when his mother returned home after the death of his father.

He graduated from Bryan Station High School, Dartmouth College, and Harvard Law School. For Reggie, there was only one place to settle and raise a family - Kentucky.

He and his wife, Lynda are the parents of three grown children, who have successful careers and families of their own. Lynda passed away in 2015 after a prolonged battle with cancer.

He credits much of his success and his family's to education. Which is why he has devoted much of his volunteer time to helping Fayette County Schools and Bluegrass Community and Technical College.

In 2013, Reggie was elected to the Kentucky State Senate, representing the 13th district.

In addition to a successful legal practice, like his father, Reggie is an educator. He was an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky Law School from 1980 to 1984 before becoming general counsel and a tenured professor at Kentucky State College. He considers educating young people a moral obligation and the key to job growth and job security across the state. As a state senator, he is a leader in the fight against charter schools.

Reggie wants affordable health care for all Kentuckians and is deeply concerned about the state’s dismal healthcare numbers. Kentucky ranks first in cancer deaths in the nation, with a rate that’s 30 percent higher than the national average — and 50 percent higher in parts of the 6th district

The first phase of Thomas’ Congressional campaign is to launch a listening tour to visit every county in the district because as he says, “Our leaders in Washington don’t do anywhere near enough listening.”

Reggie has dedicated much of his professional career to public service and he is excited to meet and hear everyone’s concerns and ideas.

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